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don't be upsetti have some spaghetti


what if one day for 24 hours everyone with a tumblr turned into whatever their url is 

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I'll sleep early tonight and get a good 8 hours
*watches entire season of tv show*
*reads every book i own*
*goes on quest to find the holy grail*


telepath more like telepathetic


i have so much homework

what movie should i watch

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My best friend is a middle school teacher and she just told us that she farts on students that she doesn’t like. She like pretends to circle around the class while they do classwork and just stops at certain students and farts in their personal space. It was recommended to her by a fellow teacher. Just want you guys to be careful out there.. Whether you’re in high school or college just…. Just be careful. Especially in the public school system

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get me off paint now


so there was this girl in my class who showed up to class everyday with her thong sticking out and one day my teacher just walked up to her and said ‘let’s keep victoria a secret’ he got fired but it was still funny

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